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An exhibition by Consuo Textile Art, October to November 2023 at South Hill Park, Bracknell.

2023 marked 50 years since South Hill Park became an arts centre. Members of Consuo  responded to various aspects of the centre - the buildings, grounds, activities, people, history, events - to create an exhibition which was part of the celebration of this anniversary.

The staircases in and around the buildings at South Hill Park were the inspirational sources for my artwork.  The architectural elements, including steps, treads and railings, create interesting shapes and lines, especially when viewed from different angles.

South Hill Park offers facilities for and encouragement in a variety of activities and events involving the visual, literary and performing arts (including health and wellbeing). Climbing stairs is an appropriate narrative for people taking part in a range of activities, as they seek to enrich their lives, improve their skills and learn from new experiences. The opportunities on offer enable them to keep climbing, embarking on new challenges and aspiring to new heights.

Combining the shapes and lines from different staircases provided the basis for the main artwork and designs inspired by some of the activities on offer are superimposed. Separate artworks celebrate some of these individual practices. Fabric has been printed, pieced together and stitched in different ways.

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