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This series was created for an exhibition with Work in Progress Textile Group at Courtyard Art Gallery, Hertford, UK, February 2020.


Mosaics involve a process similar to patchwork, in that pieces of familiar materials – fabric or ceramic – are reassembled in a new way to create something different, while carrying the memory of the original. The series includes some pottery fragments juxtaposed with soft linen and wool fabric, silk and cotton threads, as well as representations of the ‘hard’ ceramic material in stitch. 


The form and surface decorations of pottery items provide interesting resources; I have taken shapes and patterns from them – whole or partial – and set them slightly out of context to create a new image. 


Mug 1
Mug 2
Mug 3
 Party Plate
 Tumbling Pots
Off the Shelf
 After Grete
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